29 Apr 2016 Reims (France)




This day addresses the governances of COMUE and establishments (Presidents, digital, guiding VPCFVU, VP of the studies, VP IR, VP Reasearch, ...), to the managers by training and of components, to the persons in charge and the actors of support services concerned by the educational transformation (training of the teachers, SFC, FAD, RH, SCD, BAIP …) To the representatives of the world of the search in education, to the governances of the ESPE, to the persons in charge of doctoral schools, to the persons in charge UNR, and more widely to the actors concerned by the strategy of educational transformation.

Objectives of the day

  • Make sensitive the actors of sites on the strategy of educational transformation that establishments and sites (COMUE / associations) are called to set up by clarifying the factors of differentiation and complementarity between 2 levels (establishments and COMUE / associations).
  • Launch the reflection on the implementation of entities dedicated by type CDIP (perimeters, missions, objectives) supporting and making live the educational transformation both at the level of the sites and the establishments.
  • Introduce a putting in movement on every site of actors' various levels on these questions from the current situations and favor the exchanges between the actors of the educational transformation.

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